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Patient Visits

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Why do I need a Sleep Study?

Sleep disorders are common, but frequently under diagnosed and can be life threatening if left untreated. They also can have a significant effect on your overall health, quality of life, and level of daily function.

Your physician has noted symptoms indicating the need for this study or may want to rule out the possibility of a sleep disorder affecting other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Most importantly though, this sleep study is your first step towards a better night’s sleep and better overall health!

Instructions for your Sleep Study

On the day of your sleep study:

  • Do not drink any alcohol
  • Do not drink any caffeinated beverages after 12 noon
  • Do not take any naps
  • Do not apply hair lotions, gel or mousse
  • Do not apply any creams or lotions to your skin
  • Bring comfortable two piece sleeping attire (T-shirt with gym shorts, two piece pajamas)
    For men prone to “five o’clock shadow”- please arrive clean shaven. If you have a beard or mustache, please bring a razor in the event a small area may need to be cleared around your facial hair for a small sensor to be applied
  • If you already use CPAP, please bring your current mask and tubing to the study
  • If you were prescribed a sleep aid, please bring it with you to the study but do not take it until the technician instructs you to do so
  • Please bring any paperwork or insurance information requested
  • Very informative. Extraordinary staff. Clean. Comfortable. — Ryan D.
  • Excellent technician.  Andrea is very attentive and knowledgeable.  I was very at easy during the whole sleep study process. — Sandra H.
  • I was very impressed at the follow up service I got. The Respiratory Therapist followed up with me continually after I started on my CPAP, and made sure my doctor had reports on my progress. — Melissa Z.
  • Center was very comfortable and clean. It felt like a night at a hotel. — Chris B.
  • Comfiest bed I've ever slept in! I want one at home. A very soothing atmosphere overall. It feels like home. — Anash V.
  • The staff truly goes above and beyond. True patient care at it’s finest. — Antonio R.
  • I can finally sleep for the first time in 15 years. — Richard H.
  • Friendliest staff around. Always calling back in a timely manner to answer all of my questions and concerns. — Anna B.